1}Know where bldg. shut-off valve is.
2)Know where Apt. shut-off valve is.
3)Know which side of shut-off valve to cut.
4}Have a mental picture of the completed install. Take a "before work begins" picture.
5}Have all of your materials before you start.(see note 4)
6)Have all of your tools before you start.(see note 4 & 5)
7)Start. Turn off water.
8)Drain water through all fixtures.
9)Insure water is off.
10)Make first cut.(Your app. here)
11)Install meter to plan. Make adjustments as necessary.
12)Finish meter. Turn on water,check for leaks and meter spin.
13)Turn off all water fixtures.
14)Check for leaks. Meter stopped spinning. Clean all joints and work area.
15)Take "Meter Installed Final" picture.
16)Document materials used,meter and AMR system info and time on Installation Form
17}Upload Pictures to Installation Form.
18)Double check meter and work area for proper installation and cleanliness.
19)Send Form
20)Sleep Well